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Hair Straightening


The revolutionary new approaches to hair care

Thermal Reconditioning Hair Straightening System Thermal Reconditioning Hair Straightening System

Until now the quest for straight hair has required the use of harsh chemicals. All too frequently this results in damage to the hair shaft, fried or frizzy hair, and only temporary results.

The latest process sweeping the nation is hair straightening using thermal reconditioning.


Developed in Japan, this process has been featured in many news articles as the best method to straighten hair. The Yuko system has received a patent for their thermal reconditioning process. European Hair Institute was the first salon in Orange County to be certified to perform the Yuko System process. This process not only produces straight hair, but also repairs damaged hair by reconstructing the hair's protein bond, leaving hair smooth and silky.


Developed in Japan, this process provides the same straight, smooth and silky hair as Yuko. This product has been specially formulated for colored and highlighted hair.

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