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At European Hair Institute, you can order a Hair System for under $600 that normally retails for $1,000 or more!

Our Hair Piece Hair Replacement Systems have:

  • The latest technology available! Hair is embedded in a 
    thin skin like membrane
  • The most undetectable system on the market
  • Choice of Human or European hair
  • Custom designed to match your own hair

Ordering the 'Perfect Fit' with Three Easy Steps

Step#1 - Choose your Options

To place your order, you'll need to download one of our Design Brochure / Order Forms.

Once we have your specifications on file, an email or call is all thatís needed to reorder.

Hair System Design Options

Hair System Brochure and Price List in PDF format. Download and printout.
Download Design Brochure / Order Form

Step#2 - Take Measurements

There are two different ways to do this. Since each personís head has a unique shape, it is important that the contours of the head are replicated. This will ensure the hairpiece fits flush to the scalp.

  • Send us your existing system (along with a fresh hair sample) with a note for any modifications required. We will make a mold of your existing system for you and return it to you within 3 days. We'll even pay the postage.

  • Design your own template with the saran wrap method. Youíll need to download the template instructions

Hair System Template in PDF format. Download and printout
Click here to download template instructions

Step#3 - Complete the Order Form

Send your order form with your full payment. If possible, send a photograph of yourself with an idea of how you like to wear your hair. Upon receipt of your order, we will call you to confirm your specifications before we ship your order to the factory for manufacturing.

In all cases, a European Hair Institute representative is available to answer any questions you may have. On average, it will take 6 weeks to build and ship your new custom system.

Click here to check our current prices.

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