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Hair Replacement FAQ

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How does your Product and Service Differ from other Hair Replacement Clubs or Hair Replacement Centers?

There are several choices when looking for hair replacement centers. Almost everybody has heard of Hair Club for Men and Women. They are the largest Hair Replacement Center / Club and are a large corporation. Then there are many small outfits run by independent stylists. European Hair Institute is a mid-size solution and an alternative to Hair Club. European Hair Institute is staffed by several knowledgeable hair replacement specialists. All our hair piece products are custom designed for each client and we use the finest European Hair available.

Why should I choose European Hair Institute vs. the other Hair Replacement Clubs or Hair Replacement Centers?

Quite simply, our business model is different. We know success comes from offering an outstanding product at competitive prices and employing talented experienced stylists. Our number one goal is to surpass our customerís expectations.

Unfortunately for the industry, it seems many of my competitorís business models are financial. To maximize profit they generally sacrifice quality and customer service. Several approaches used by these type of business are: a) Hard sell b) Using confusing terminology c) Not showing you products d) Not discussing the proís and conís of each method available e) Requiring you to sign a contract.

Tell me about your Free Consultation.

At European Hair Institute all consultations are done by an owner of the company. We have a very long term approach to this business which focuses on customer satisfaction. We know that providing the best possible products and services and treating clients as we would want to be treated, results in a high level of satisfaction. Therefore, when you come in for a consultation you will find that we take as much time as required with each client and there is absolutely no sales pressure. Consultations are done in a private room, where we show you various products and discuss all the details associated with the solutions applicable to you.

Are Clients Required to Join a Program?

Unlike several large competitors, we do not require clients to join a program. We do offer one year packages if the client finds it beneficial, however the choice is up to the individual client.

Can you explain the differences between various Hair Types used in the Industry?

There are three basic hair types used in the industry:

  1. Synthetic
  2. Human Hair
  3. European Hair

a) Synthetic hair is man made and is essentially plastic. It is not a popular choice for a complete hair system due to the finished look, feel and lack of natural movement. It is however used quite often for gray hair blends. Up to ~40% of the hair can be synthetic without compromising the look, feel and texture. This allows the hair piece to be colored if necessary without affecting the grey, since synthetic will not accept color.

b) Human hair is a term used loosely in the industry and generally refers to hair which is from Asia and has been chemically stripped of the cuticle (cuticle is the exterior armor plating of the hair). The hair is then treated with a silicone type of coating. In the beginning this hair is nice and silky soft, but as the coating wears off (8-10 washings), the hair loses its luster and silkiness. Because the cuticle is missing, the hair is greatly affected by the elements (chlorine, minerals in water, oxygen and sun light). These environmental factors make the hairís color fade and it begins taking on a reddish tone.

c) European hair is hair that comes from a European country and has its natural cuticle intact. As mentioned above, the cuticle is the exterior armor plating of the hair. Cuticle ensures that the hair is strong, has shine, manageability, and color retention. This type of hair retains its natural movement and will flow like your own hair (especially important for those windy days). This is the best hair available and significantly contributes to an undetectable look.

I want a completely Undetectable Hair System. Can you provide this?

Completely undetectable is a subjective term. One can always argue that upon close enough inspection anything non-natural can be detected. What is possible is a Virtually Undetectable Hair Replacement System. These are so much like your natural hair that the average person will not have a clue itís not real, even if they are touching it.

The most natural technology available is a very thin polymer material with hair injected through it. This product is clear and when placed on the scalp, the system virtually disappears and only the scalp is visible. Since hair is injected into the polymer base it appears as if hair is growing directly from the scalp. This system is also so thin it is almost impossible to detect from touch. This is the most popular choice for my single clientele.

What is the difference between a Hair Piece System, Hair Replacement System and a Toupee?

The term Toupee is an old term used in the industry. As the industry progressed in its ability to create a less detectable product, a new term ďHair Replacement System or Hair Piece SystemĒ was created.

What is the difference between a Womenís Hair Systems and a Manís Hair System?

The quality of the hair used on a womanís hair system is critical to customer satisfaction. Since most women have longer hair and greater density then men, the hair used for women is from the best possible European sources. Due to the extra cost associated with this type of hair, womenís hair systems are designed to be more robust then a manís hair system so they can last two years or more.

Hair Replacement Centers / Clubs which do not provide this type of hair generally use a manís solution and tell you need to replace them every few months when the hair starts to tangle. My experience shows that women are very dissatisfied using this type of inferior hair. Therefore all customers of European Hair Institute get a custom designed solution tailored specifically to their needs and hair expectations.

Whatís the difference between Hair Replacement and Hair Restoration?

Hair replacement is a non-surgical means of providing hair. This is done by using hair systems to cover the area of thinning and utilizing as much of your natural hair as possible.

Hair restoration is a surgical method of replacing hair. This is done by transplanting hair from the back of the head to the area of thinning.

I am a woman and am losing my hair. I thought this was a manís problem.

You are not alone! I have treated woman in their mid-twenties. It is estimated that 20 million women in the U.S. suffer from some form of thinning hair.

Hair loss in women occurs in varying degrees and usually affects the crown area predominately. Hair loss is caused by numerous factors such as heredity, hormonal changes, illness, diet, and stress. The most common form of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia (AGA). It is estimated that 40% of women will have some form AGA when they reach menopause. Hair loss is gradual, with miniaturization of hair follicles. Other disorders include alopecia areata (auto immune), telogen effluvium (stress), traumatic alopecias (trauma), and Trichotillomania (impulse disorder).

European Hair Institute has a fully trained professional staff available to answer all your hair replacement questions. Please call us for a free consultation. 714-850-9993

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